If you are a college student, you probably don’t spend a day without binging on your favourite burger. But why you and your friends swear by burgers? Why is it that you look for a burger in the menu every time you are at the college canteen? Well, one obvious reason is that burgers are tasty. With all their crispiness coupled with soft chews, they indeed make every mouthful feel like heaven. But then interestingly, their taste is not the only reason why they are so popular. Here are some other reasons why burgers are such a hit mong college-goers. Have a look-

  • They are easy to handle. Are we sounding funny? Well, we might be but that’s the truth. They are a no mess food and can be held with both the hands and eaten.

  • The second reason why it is so popular among college going students is because it is not that expensive. It fits well into any college student’s budget. But then just because it’s not exorbitantly priced, it doesn’t leave you hungry. It fills you up completely. Even if you take half a burger, you feel almost full. Since college going students are still not earning and are using their parents’ money, they can’t spend heftily on junk food. They want something for lunch that is economical and delicious at the same time, like burgers.

  • They are available in many different varieties. Although some of the most exotic varieties would be available at some of the most exotic burger restaurants in dubaithe smaller eat out joints will offer you enough options to be happy about.

  • Since they are a low fuss food, you can eat them anywhere. You can eat them right at the canteen, while coming back to the class from the canteen, or while chit-chatting with your friends outside the class.

If you are a college student, head over heels in love with burgers, then you are sure not alone. Many people across the globe love burgers. And for the best tasting varieties, you can visit some of the bestburger restaurants in dubaiOne name that deserves a mention here is Johnny Rockets.