Johnny Rockets is one of the most popular Restaurants across the UAE for gorging on lip-smacking burgers, salads, and shakes. It is famous for its classic American style dining and a variety of delicious burgers to relish on. The burgers can be comforting and your perfect partner to chill on lazy weekends.

The Johnny Rockets burgers Abu Dhabi can be ordered online as well as they will be delivered fresh and warm within few minutes. Have you ever thought what goes into making a delicious burger patty?

Here’s a look at how to make your meat burger patty tasty:

  • Percentage of fat

The meat in the burger should not be too lean as it will not provide the required moisture and flavour to the patty. The meat needs some fat which helps in cooking over a hot grill and prevents the burger from drying out. The meat should have at least 15- 20% fat for a delicious burger patty.

  • Coarse Grind

For having the right texture of the burger, it is important that the meat is coarsely ground. The finely ground meat will become a paste, and that isn’t the right texture for the patty. Coarsely ground meat chunks in patty will give an amazing texture when it melts in your mouth.

  • Making the patty

While you would love the patty to have a lot of seasonings such as salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and dried herbs, the patty will fall apart especially if it has large meat pieces. Packing the patty rightly is important as tightly packed patty will lead to the hard burger.

  • Cooking

The patty needs to be cooked on a medium flame so that it is cooked on inside as well. Cooking on a high flame will simply burn the exteriors, and the patty will not be completely cooked on the inside.

  • Fixing the elements

Finally, the right burger needs the right amount of cheese, condiments, and toppings for making it a lip-smacking burger.

Johnny Rockets is one of the best burger places in Abu Dhabi for delicious and succulent burger patties.