Cheese and burgers make for a delicious combination. Which cheese is best for the burger? The simple answer is- whatever cheese that is your current favourite. There are various kinds of cheeseburgers to suit varying tastes of people.

Here are some of the most popular types of cheese alain burger:

  • Pepperjack burgers:

Pepperjackcheese offers a spicy kick to burgers. It tastes great melted on top of plain burgers or can be mixed with South- West inspired ingredients.

  • Blue cheese burgers

It is the best cheese for a burger with the red meat patty. It tastes sweet, salty and spicy. Combine cheese with caramelized onions. You can even sprinkle crumbs of blue cheese on top of the burger.Add the cheese to raw meat before making the burger for a mild flavour. For a more decadent experience, grill a standard hamburger and smother it with blue cheese sauce.

  • American

This mild and creamy cheese is one of the favourite burger toppings. It melts like no other cheese. The American cheese comes in travel-friendly, plastic wrappings.

  • Cheddar burgers

You can’t go wrong with this cheese. You have much choice between earthy English cheddar, nutty American cheddar,and sharp Irish cheddar. All are great choices for adding flavour to your burger. For a tangy taste, go in for extra aged cheddar.

  • Appenzeller

This cheese is an authentic cheese originating from Switzerland and has a heavenly taste. It adds an amazing taste to a burger in combination with sautéed mushrooms.

  • Goat cheese

For the sake of vegetarian burgers, fresh and creamy goat cheese is a great option. It can also be combined with the meat patty and garnished with sundried tomatoes. It may be spread on a bun or sprinkled on top in form of crumbles.

  • Feta cheese

Though feta cheese doesn’t come in mind with regard to burgers, the tangy, refreshing flavour tastes great on a hot burger. Feta has amazing flavour and does not make burgers overly greasy or heavy. The cheese becomes soft but will not melt completely and become stringy.

These are some types of cheese burger alain in the market.