Even if you are a fitness freak or someone on a diet, the mere mention of cheeseburger will tempt you to have it. If you thought that there is just one type of cheeseburger, you have mistaken. You can gorge on a variety of scrumptious cheeseburgers whose taste is to die for. There is a cheeseburger to delight people with different taste preferences. 

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Here’s a look at the types of cheese used in burgers for all you food lovers:

1.    Blue Cheese

It is one of the best cheeses for a burger with the red meat patty. It has a spicy taste along with a sweet and salty flavour. For a delicious blue cheese burger, adding caramelized onions is the best. You can either put cheese along with patty or sprinkle its crumble on the top of burger once it’s cooked.

2.    American

The American cheese is one of the favourite burger toppings as it is mild and creamy in texture. It melts like no other cheese does and people love it. The American cheese comes in plastic wrappings and is travel-friendly as well.

3.    Appenzeller

Instead of America-made Swiss cheese, it is a good idea to go for Swiss cheese which actually belongs to Swiss region and tastes heavenly. The cheese adds an amazing flavour to the burger when combines with sautéed mushrooms.

4.    Cheddar

The next type of cheese is cheddar. You can find it in white and yellow colour, and it takes the taste of your burger few notches higher. If want a tangy flavour, go for extra-aged cheddar. Try adding a sweet fruit on your turkey burger with cheddar cheese for an excellent taste.

5.    Goat Cheese

For veggies burgers, the creamy and fresh goat cheese is an ideal option. You can also use it with meat patty if you garnish it with sundried tomatoes. You can either spread it on a bun or add crumbles on the top.

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