There are so many outlets selling snack in UAEBut for the best experience, you must go for the best eat-out joint. And when it comes to the best, nothing can beat Johnny Rockets, especially if your favourite snack is a burger. With so many options out there, you rarely feel bored of burgers. So, although some people have burgers on a daily basis, they don’t get bored of them.

Also, you don’t need to have a plate for a burger. Burgers also don’t demand the use of forks, spoons and other cutlery. All you need is to remove its wrapper (if any), hold it with both of your hands, and have a heavenly bite of it. It’s that simple! Perfect for people who love no-fuss food. But because burgers are so popular and we all love them, it seems valuable to know what makes a great burger. A lot of people, who buy snacks UAEpick their burgers without really knowing what a great burger should be like. If you want some light thrown in this direction, read on-

The Bun - Although a lot of people tend to take it for granted, it has a big role to play in how your burger tastes. For a great tasting burger, the bun must be soft and not chewy. Only freshly prepared buns offer the kind of taste many look for. There are many buns that break off in chunks or crumbles. They too fail to make the right burger. So, the bun has a big role to play, only if you realise it.

Cheese - Although it’s not mandatory for all burgers to have cheese, it’s a welcome addition. It can literally enhance the taste of burgers by several notches. The cheese varieties that tend to melt at the slightest touch of heat are the most effective ones. They can make your burger eating experience simply heavenly. So, the next time you look for a burger, make sure it has cheese dripping from it.

Pickles and sauces for that extra dose of taste - The taste of a burger comes mostly from sauces and pickles. The better they taste; the better-tasting your burger becomes.

If you are looking to buy snacks Dubaidon’t forget to contact Johnny Rockets. They sell some of the best burgers you must have ever eaten.